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Kyrkogrim Demo

Models and animations from my master project. The playable demo me and my team build puts the player in the role of the Kyrkogrim, defending the church from the hordes of evil.
The Kyrkogrim myth comes from the early days of christianisation of northern Europe. It said that the first person to be buried on the graveyard of a newly-build church had to defend that church from the hordes of hell for all eternity. To save that potential person’s soul a small animal was sacrificed instead which would protect the church henceforth.
In our team of four I was responsible for 3D-Modelling and -Animation as well as most of the VFX, Annika did the beautiful Concepts, Illustrations and Textures, Simon was our Musician and Sound Engineer and finally Konstantin made it all interactive and playable with his Programming skills. Game- and Level-Design as well as all the little stuff I am forgetting about were a team effort.


Kyrkogrim Diorama